March 5 ‐ April 4, 2021

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Tonight’s supper is love. 
What course will you choose?

Love Story: A Meal in Five Courses uses the five senses to conjure both a meal and a love story. How do the senses inspire memory? Is touch possible through a computer screen? How do you taste the memory of love? Can you experience love by something other than emotion? Culinarily crafted by Rachel Hynes and Anastasia Wilson, this piece invites you to a communal meal of memory.

You bring a few special items. We deliver the sensual, luxe experience.
  1. Buy your ticket
  2. Read your confirmation email and gather the few items listed
  3. Confirm your delivery address and delivery window (You will receive an email 48 hours before your experience!)
  4. Answer the door for your delivery box
  5. Set the mood: take out your ingredients and dress for dinner!
  6. Hop on Zoom
  7. Enjoy the show!

Smell stimulates memory
Taste sears it into our soul
Touch fulfills its sweetness
Tonight’s supper is love
What courses will you choose?

  • “The best meal I had all quarantine.”
  • “What a sweet experience! I felt cared for and charmed.”
  • “Felt like a Zoom date! Wasn’t sure what to expect and exciting too.”
  • “An intimate virtual theatrical that opened my tastebuds to new possibilities and unexpectedly satisfied the longings of my heart and soul. My compliments to the chefs.”
  • “My wish is for more people to experience this show because I look at my relationship with food and self-love in a NEW perspective of gratitude.”
  • “The show kept going after we finished with you. My partner and I kept talking about what you asked us. It was a dope date night at home.”

Meet the Team

Anastasia Wilson (Actor/Creator)

ANASTASIA WILSON (she/her) is an actor, devisor and flamenco-er. She is a nomad storyteller and enjoys her solitude most when in the company of others. She is a firm believer that good things cooks slowly and with affectionate attention….and always has a good roux. Anastasia has an MFA in Physical Theatre from Accademia Dell Arte (Italy) and she has trained and devised all over the globe. Currently, she calls Atlanta her artistic home base. There, she is an actor of both stage and film, as well as an instructor at Drama Inc. She is also the proud founder of @loveruckuslifestyle, a self-care line for the traveling artist. She luxuriates in all things sensory. The life, the love story, the meal, the art, the people. Life is a ritual. Honor yourself. www.anastasia-wilson.com @anastasia.wil @loveruckuslifetsystle

Rachel Hynes (Actor/Creator)

RACHEL HYNES (she/her) is a devisor who sees the possibility in everything and everyone. Her work centers around themes of healing and resilience, but she also knows that people are generally shit, so it can be pretty dark, too. If it can be dark, then it also can be funny, because, if we can’t laugh at ourselves, well, who are we? Rachel has devised experimental theatre, physical theatre and Theatre for the Very Young with companies including banished? productions, Theatre Alliance, Encore and the Welders. Rachel has an MFA in devising and physical theatre from the London International School of Performing Arts (LISPA), which means she can create pretty much anything under any circumstances. Call her. You’ll see. Love Story: A Meal In Five Courses combines some of Rachel’s favorite things, food and the five senses. When Rachel falls in love, it is for real. www.RachelHynes.org

Matt Pearson (Media Designer)

MATT PEARSON (he/they) is a designer and musician who builds environments for playing, praying, and deepening our relationship to our selves. Whether material or immaterial, the results of his work are assemblies of signs and symbols, remixed to  construct contemporary myths that put us in dialogue with our beloved ancients and future kin. Raised up in the family business of music, he began performing as a gospel and jazz singer at an early age, and continues to perform and record as a pianist, vocalist, and electronic producer. As an designer, he has created immersive experiences at festivals such as SXSW, Sundance, Beijing Fashion Week, NY Fashion Week, the Grammys, and more. His love of feast and pageant has found its platonic ideal in Love Story: A Meal in Five Courses. www.mattpearsonworkshop.com

P. VANESSA LOSADA (Stage Manager)

VANESSA LOSADA (she/her) is a Latinx multidisciplinary theatre and film artist. Originally from Miami, she is now based in DC and works all across the DMV area. She is a performer, stage manager, stunt performer/coordinator,  and producer. She focuses on new work that amplifies marginalized voices. She has worked for various companies, including, The Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, Smithsonian’s Discovery Theatre, Adventure Theatre, 4615 Theatre Company, Avant Bard, GALA Hispanic Theatre, Brave Spirits, Arts on the Horizon, etc. Love Story: A Meal in Five Courses brings her two favorite things together: food and love.

Dylan Arredondo (Associate Producer)

DYLAN ARREDONDO (he/him) is a DC-based, Mexican-Japanese theatremaker whose primary artistic goal is to reckon with spatial, social, and creative limits at any given moment in the creative process and to recontextualize them as opportunities to adapt and renew the platform of performance. He attempts to investigate intercultural performance source texts and approaches without appropriating those practices, and to place them in conversation with contemporary technological interfaces and/or ecologically-informed systems, through which to create a lens to adapt less-known stories, share oral histories, craft living archives, and work form-first. www.DylanArredondo.com

Our Partner

Sommer Street Pizza

We are currently partnering with local D.C. vendor Sommer Street Pizza to provide your Love Story meal.

Sommer Street Pizza started with a love story. The founder, London, created Sommer Street Pizza because his wife, Lauren, was lactose intolerant. London knew there was a way for them to satisfy their pizza cravings together and made it his mission to give the gift of pain-free pizza to his wife. The result is Sommer Street Pizza, a pie that almost anyone can eat, enjoy and love.

You can find Sommer Street Pizza at:
3 Stars Brewing Company
Atlas Brew Works
Social Kitchen
Supreme Core Cider

Interested in catering?
Contact Sommer Street Pizza at Sommer@sommerstreetpizza.com

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Meet the Team

About Joy & Pang Productions

Theater often involves an audience coming to a space to passively watch.

Joy and Pang puts the spectator at the center of its productions.

Experimental and immersive, Joy and Pang blurs the lines between life, audience, actor, and performer. We seek to move beyond the performance, event or space by involving community, joining worlds, and opening hearts. Productions with heart and noise.

Life lived fully. All the Joy. All the Pang.

Anastasia Wilson and Rachel Hynes are two performance artists and ruckus-makers who change the world by providing fun, sensuous, interactive performance experiences that actively ask audiences to self-investigate and ultimately to heal.

With the closing of cities due to the pandemic, they saw and heard stories of isolation, loneliness and longing for communal experiences. As theatre-makers, they saw an opportunity to connect people, even through the quarantine. Their COVID-safe online performance, Love Story: A Meal In Five Courses, invites the audience to collaboratively tell a multi-sensory love story through a fine dining experience. After their first test audience, they knew they had something special. After the month-long run sold out in 14 days, and attracted audiences from all over the world, they knew they had to expand. 

Anastasia Wilson is an actor, educator, devising artist, and flamenco performer. She specifically utilizes flamenco performance structure as a tool for developing theatrical pieces rooted in cultural dynamics. This technique, related to her thesis work, utilizes clashes in thought, society, and people, as a means to create visceral, thought provoking, and forceful pieces. 

Anastasia has performed, created, taught, and trained all over the globe. Her passion for the arts and devising has sent her across the United States and abroad. Specifically, she has performed, trained and directed in Ireland, Italy, Germany, Spain, Ghana, Morocco, Czech Republic and Slovakia to name a handful. 

She is currently based in Atlanta, Georgia where she is a stage and film actor, has been an instructor for the theatre department at Georgia State University (GSU). She currently teaches at Drama Inc. and is the Marketing Manager at RPM Home Advisors/Keller Williams.

Rachel Hynes devises collaborative, innovative performances and helps others develop new works as a director, teacher, playwright and movement consultant. Her own works include physical and experimental storytelling about scars, zombies, tigers and technology (You Have Made a Story On My Skin, Half Life: a zombie love letter for no one, Tale of a Tiger, Facebook In Memoriam), as well as site-specific performances featured in Art All Night (Lit) and Supernova Performance Art Festival (Burning Down the House). Her devised adaptation of Euripides’ The Trojan Women was a part of Washington DC’s second Women’s Voices Festival. 

From 2006-2011, Rachel was the Co-Artistic Director of avant garde Seattle performance group, Helsinki Syndrome, performing in On the Boards Northwest New Works Festival, the Henry Art Gallery, Bumbershoot Arts Festival, Annex Theatre (Seattle), Hand2Mouth’s Risk/Reward Series (Portland), Camden People’s Theatre SPRINT Festival (London) and had two residencies at Richard Forman’s Ontological-Hysteric Incubator (NYC). 

Rachel is a five-time DCCAH Artist Fellow and a recipient of the Larry Neal Award in Dramatic Writing. Rachel earned her MFA in Lecoq Based Actor Created Theatre from Naropa University at the London International School for the Arts (LISPA).

She currently teaches devising and original works creation…you guessed it, online.

About Joy & Pang Productions

Joy and Pang is grateful for the support of our donors, whose generosity lets us bring love to the table.

  • The Special ($500 +)

    Allison Stockman
    Anonymous (1)
    Lisa Carr
    Mary and Patrick Hynes
    Mary Hynes-Berry

  • Craft Cocktail ($250 +)

    Anonymous (3)
    Brigid Hynes-Cherin
    Joanna Wright
    Monifa Cambrelen
    Natalia Melcer

  • Just Desserts ($150+)

    Amber Hennessy
    Kaylin Peachy
    Kristi Anderkin
    Linda Willette
    Lisa Tripp
    Patricia O’Connor
    Séamus Miller

  • Salad Course ($75+)

    Anonymous (2)
    Ariel Glassman
    Eileen Melia
    Lena O’Rourke
    Marianela Belloso
    Mia Maudlin
    Sharon Wiback

  • Amuse Bouche/The Starter ($25+)

    Adrien-Alice Hansel
    Anonymous (7)
    Brendan Hogan
    Dillin Olshonsky
    Donn Viviani
    Jess Jung
    KenYatta and Michelle Rogers
    Lisa Hill-Corley
    Lynne Anderson
    Margaret Rogers
    Mary Jo and Mark Hughes
    Morganne Davies
    Pam O’Brien
    Philippa Hughes
    Rebecca Dzida
    Sean Eustis

  • Hungry ($10+)

    Anonymous (1)
    Cameron Levin
    Cathleen O’Malley
    Happenstance Theater
    Hannah Hessel Ratner
    Laura Miller

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